& Public Advocacy

An Undergraduate Minor Designed to Complement Any Major

Current Course Offerings

This minor pairs very well with a wide variety of majors, including those in the Kelley School of Business, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the School of Public Health, and the Media School, as well as preparing students planning to study law, or continue on into graduate school.


Choose a total of 5 courses from the following list, including 3 courses at the 300-level.

R209: Topics in Rhetoric & Public Culture
R342: Rhetoric & Race
R210: Introduction to Digital Rhetoric
R348: Environmental Communication
R211: Rhetoric & Sports
R355: Public Memory in Communication & Culture
R212: Communicating Sustainability
R396: Study of Public Advocacy
R222: Democratic Deliberation
R397: Visual Rhetoric
R224: Persuasion
R398: Culture, Identity, and Rhetoric of Place
R228: Argumentation & Public Advocacy
W231: Professional Writing Skills
R305: Rhetorical Criticism W240: Community Service Writing
R321: Rhetoric, Law, and Culture W270: Argumentative Writing
R339: Freedom of Speech W321: Advanced Technical Writing
R340: Rhetoric of Social Movements W350: Advanced Expository Writing